Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Totally Different Initiative

Canon Dwe Girls School

It has taken me a bit of time to think of what to write first of the many organizations that I have been visiting. But I have discovered that I needed to sort out in terms of the innovative ideas that each one of them have.

This time in Gulu still, I met a group of people who are setting up a community girls school, this I felt was really very good for the community. The rate of girls education in the north has really been very low and traditionally anyway Acholi girls were not supposed to go to school, so the war was just a catalyst to this idea. So many have been sent off to rich relatives in towns and the city as maids or baby sitters for that matter and had no chance at all to go to school, because they sometimes take them from even as early as seven years . So when I see people coming up with such ideas, I feel that they really need our support in any way possible.

The idea of this school is to help promote quality girl child education in the north and the surrounding districts , since it will be a boarding school. It's supposed of be one of the top private schools in the district with very well selected teaching staff and serving children from very poor backgrounds who are not able to go to good schools because they cannot afford it and a few able ones who would pay some fee to help sustain the project. I will have to work more closely with these group of people to learn more about the program. I have had a long talk with the director Mr. Opira -Otto and the secretary Mrs. Gladys Oyat who is a headmistress at a government aided school in Kitgum and they really have great plans. They are in the process of purchasing land right now, close to Koro camp for the school premises.

I felt that this kind of project is long overdue and if put into practice will really help the north as a way of resettling them into normal life again since they are trying to go back home now from the camps, and more especially a good beginning for the girls in Acholiland. I would love to see that these people see their dreams come true through our collective efforts.

Note: Canon Dwe was one of the famous Anglican Church leaders from Kitgum. He is remembered for his great contribution towards the Church development.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Unplanned Safari

How nice it is to go home again!

It has really been a very long time since I visited Gulu on official programs. I have traveled about two times after the closure of our center there, but on private matters. It was also the same this time, though it later turned out to be the most interesting visit this year.

During the time I have been working there- the past three years or so, I developed serious friendship with very many of the people who were involved with us in one way or the other. So this time I felt so lonely not having these people around me and decided I needed to get in touch with them and guess what! this turned out to be the most interesting trips I have ever made since we closed the center.

I first gave a call to one of the officials of our members who have regrouped under a new name.This I will talk about later , because they are our true offspring and I know each one of them by name.

The most interesting group that I visited were the Koro people . I started with these people about three years ago as Invisible Children Bracelet makers. Here I had developed very good friends and whenever I meet them in town, they would always wonder why I do not visit them and yet it was me who brought "All these to us". So I decided I needed to call one of them and see what they were up to, he instantly said "Please come and have lunch with us". So I took a "boda boda"to their place about 6 kms away from town towards Kampala.

The "Akwo Ki Lweta Group"

The members getting ready for their weekly meeting.

These people are very organized, after our lunch at the chairperson's house, I was taken by the husband who is now the Executive director of the Akwo Ki Lweta Group (literally " it's my hands that I survive on") to their " office" , his unfinished building . I have really liked the name they have chosen because it shows that they are really focused on doing things by themselves and not so much looking at foreign assistance which really is a very healthy move and very much in line with our vision.

A lady paying back her loan

That day was a day for collecting money and paying back loans. They have grouped themselves and registered as a CBO and every week they would all put together some amount of money , which they later use as loan capital to be given to the most needy applicant among the members who would have applied earlier and has been approved by a committee. This seemed to be working very well and everyone looked happy during the whole process.

The Executive Director conducting the meeting

So I picked interest in it and thought this could be replicable in many such communities. I then asked them what their other objectives were and I was given a full book of their documents to read through and was even allowed to go with and continue reading whenever I would be free. well I know it's going to be a bit of time before I finish all this , but will let you know what other things they are up to.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Admin. home oF KJT

Today I had the pleasure to visit the administrative part of KJT which lies along the northern route of Kampala city at their offices which is situated on the compound of the school where most of their children go to ,(Bat Valley Primary School) It was a bit difficult last week since I was just recovering from a serious cough that had almost put me down.

A very interesting set up is this place. At the gate you would only imagine school children and nothing like an outside office set up. We have always related this place to the name (Bat Valley). Long before the place was fully inhabited; it was just a forest where I believe all the bats of the world used to live. The very tall eucalyptus forest which must have been planted during the colonial times, had no other living creature apart from the bats, which were later either destroyed or migrated due to the development in the area.

The school is one of the top government aided institutions and has produced some of the most prominent people in the country; this is one of the thoughts that brought me joy when I heard that these children were studying here. Knowing the town fairly well , I only gave Mansoor a call when I was at the gate and he came and picked me up. He led me to a small office on the third floor of the school building, where I was met by Fred and another man(Mr Wafula) whom I was told is very active with the children’s activities here in school. At one corner of the office, a table covered with trophies was standing and Mansoor didn’t take time to show me where they won all these different cups, one by one he lifted them up to read what was on each one of them. It was so amazing to see more than twenty cups sitting here and won by just children, some even below seven years.

Kabugo showing me the different cups won by the kids, looking on is Mr.Wafula

Later we visited the Headmistress’ office which is on the ground below this building. Here it was very organized and quiet. I sat with all of them for about thirty minutes. She told me she had all along doubted if there was something sensible that these boys were doing. According to her, she has been calling them very often to her office for the school fees issue , “ For the whole of this year they have paid nothing for these boys , and please do understand me, I have people whom I have to account to and they may take me for having some deal with these people” “ They have no promise at all , they just keep telling me to wait, so I have waited and the year has ended and now I cannot allow them to do their exams if their fees is not cleared.” I felt I really had nothing to say in defense neither could I promise anything, so I resorted to begging her to at least let them sit for their exams and retain their results until maybe when they are cleared. Though she never said anything in response to my plea, I thought she had accepted it, because she did not continue complaining. This is always the norm for all the disadvantaged children here; at a time like this nobody seems to care, even the authorities seem not to exist at all. Actually as I am talking now, about ten of them were already sent back home today for the same reason. Whatever will come after my meeting and pleading with her, is yet to be established.

At the Headmistress' office in front of her desk is Kabugo

Now remains the challenge of where this money which totals about UGS 100,000/=(about $60 at the current rate), for each child is going to come from, because she said that even if they are to do their exams , she "will not" accept them back next year if their fees is not cleared .This was the time when my initial joy disappeared and I left with a very heavy heart trying to figure out what the best thing would be to help these children continue with their studies.

Pictures to follow soon, the link is very poor right now and I can't upload any.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Redefining Life in Africa Foundation.

The last time I talked about the rebirth of Life in Africa, I jumbled it up to include all the three arms of LiA. It was talking about what their different functions were supposed to look like. And where each one of them operates from. For the past three years or so, the foundation has been working to set up some few model communities among which is the Kireka community whose Administrator you can get in touch with here; and now that this is more or less done, then is the time for us to get back to our original vision.

It may be of interest to know that as the different arms developed into autonomous entities, LIA foundation is left with the simple task of getting to know many more local organizations better and help them get connected to the outside world. So many people are trying their best in their simple ways to change the world, but their voices are unheard just because they do not have the means to do so. Thanks to the internet that is making the world one small village. Through the internet we shall help such organizations and other people from around the world who want to help in their own ways, get in touch with them and realize their dreams. There are many resources out there and when people have the opportunity to know one another better, they may be very useful.

Many people always try to give assistance to the people they support here, but end up failing because sometimes the said organizations are brief cased or are non existent and that marks the end of the road to the otherwise very well intentioned assistance. We would really like to help the people who have had such problems and those who may be intending to start doing something here, but are some how scared that it may not work because of the same reason. We are very well versed with the local communities here and have been traveling in different parts of the country, thus easy access to any kind of information that may be useful. We can also be able to help disbursed any funds when necessary, and if there’s any need for a 501(c) 3 status, we have our LIA USA arm which will be in a position to assist you in this field. When this is fully developed, we are very sure it will make work a lot easier for all of us.

This exciting development is just the tip of the iceberg. LIA Foundation has really a lot in store to help with connecting people in this internet world, and a lot of other activities found here on our website.

Let's continue meeting in this small global village.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Kireka Community

It's very interesting that you can live in a place and may not know many things that take place around you.
I have lived in Kampala for the past almost 20 years or more , because i had part of my education in this city, but it looks like i still know very little of it. This last month gave me a new idea of what my environment looks like. I moved from one village to the other and visited many places that I have never known before.

The last bit of my visit showed me to a small community called St. Theresa Women's group. This is a small community of women who live in an area called Kyebando in Kawempe division . In a swampy area lives some sisters of our lady of charity, they have helped these women get organized and one of their activities exists in the compound where the sisters live. They are so keen on everything . It's actually out of their little earnings that they have set up this community. They have a very good income generating activity(Poultry), They also train women in crafts , like paper beads making, needle work, baskets and many others. One challenge here though is the market for all their items. It has always anyway been the market problem for everything that people try to make here.It's always been the same question, "Is there a way you can help us sell our items ?"

Well my main area of activity has been the Kireka community which I may say has been my home from the very beginning of my life with LIA. I spent at least three days with them.A lot has changed here, not so many people are here as it used to be, but this did not blow off my sense of attachment with them. They still have a gallery though a bit small in size than what they had before.

The LIA Kireka gallery

At least a few activities have started again but this time with fewer people. The Ned beads program is the main one here with five ladies doing the beads. these will be shipped to the USA where Mark Grimes will try and look for market for them.

These are the Ned beaders

This seems promising, because the ladies had gone back to their stone quarrying which really is so hectic and when we began our program with them , most of them where relieved of this, but now they have no option but to go back to it.

A member of the Kireka community working at the stone quarry

There's also one new very interesting program. The hammocks sewing which is a program for Stitch Uganda together. Both these are trying to slowly raise the program to something that will become sustainable. there's hope that if the markets are up, more and more people will be employed for both . This has been an initiative of Corry Richardson after visiting our center in Gulu at the beginning of this year. So the first batch of the hammocks are being sewn and will later be shipped to Canada where Corry is trying to find markets for them.

Ladies at the kireka center sewing the hammocks

I feel that the major challenge that brought about all these disruption, is what Christina has described in her post here. but i am very optimistic that soon there will be the communty that she had thought of when she started all these and am very sure that it will bear some fruits one day if not very soon.

However as a comment to Christina, I would say please do take courage, it was not all in vain after all, you created Peter,me and many others who are doing very well elsewhere to try and change the world. just stand by and watch as the works of your hands bear fruits. Great thank you and Thumbs up for you in a special way ! I know that very many will agree with me on this.

Friday, October 31, 2008

The great Fundraising

Sometimes what one thinks is fun can turn out to be very productive.
Last weekend was surely a great day for us , the Acholi community in Kampala and those from abroad who were here on holidays or for some kind business. I have heard a lot over the years about this function that every once a month there's such a gathering , but never bothered. This time a friend thought I should be pulled , because he thought it's kind of related to my field of work.

Over five hundred people or more could be seen already dancing or slowly sipping their beers, when I came in. This occasion was organized by a Canadian NGO called CPAR(Canadian Physicians Aids), it was in conjunction with one of the telecommunications companies Warid). More than 20 local musicians from the North performed and that was great , It was promoting their talents and fund raising at the same time. CPAR is trying to raise fund to resettle the people of Acholiland who have for the past fifteen years or so been living in the camps . This was so interesting, with very many Canadians I supposed so. You can see a Mzungu here and there trying to make every bit of the day interesting. All the local dishes from northern Uganda was available and many traditional dances were performed at least to the satisfaction of everyone present.

This, I am sure fetched a very good sum of money for the organizers, and I strongly feel that more of such functions can help bring change to our communities, what seems difficult here is the organization, I really wish all like minded people could come up and set up such functions. There are surely many wealthy people from this war torn area but can never take any initiative. I have seen that when they are invited for such things, they all come and with lots of enthusiasm for for such things , this could become a very strong fund raising tool for people who are trying to help bring change in Africa . I have mentioned Africa here because it's really them who are still a bit behind with the idea of giving to others, but they love their culture very much and would do anything to get closer to it. So this could be a very good bait for our tycoons.

I just enjoyed every moment of the function and I was left yearning for the next one.

Monday, October 27, 2008


After another tour of the town last week, I still feel that nothing was more interesting than my little tunnel at Kisenyi. I would have taken time off to say a little about the other places that I visited, but I have a temptation to give my full account of the plight at the Kisenyi house, lest I forget some very important information.

In my previous post, I described how tiny the room was, this was my greatest concern because I cannot imagine 21 souls living in such a congested place, with almost no ventilation at all, without contracting any contiguous sickness. What if there was a malaria attack, then obviously the whole house will be sick, and talk about the treatment cost; you begin wondering where this money will come from, try and give it a guess!

As we already know, this place is runned by the two young men, Fred kayiwa and Mansoor kabugo. Fred is a University student, with a lot of needs for himself and one wonders where they get what to feed these children. Mansoor told me that, the children are very understanding, because when they are told there was no food for that day they just go to bed. He feels happy though that when their fees is paid in full, they are able to eat their lunch at school, but this is yet another story, because two boys who should have done their Primary leaving Exams in a week’s time , are not going to do it because they never paid the school dues and exams fee. Now they have to do the same class again next year yet this would have taken them to another level (secondary).So there’s serious need for them to deal with these two very urgent issues. There’s this pressing one which is feeding, I feel that they really need a very big hand to help them achieve this. These boys to begin with were mainly from the streets and I have fear that when they do not have what to eat, they may go back to the streets and this may pose a bigger problem., then the accommodation issue, this too is an urgent need to be addressed, because this type of set up can cause so many dangers to these youths, they have lived in the streets and know a lot, there's is a lot of immorality these days and they can easily be strapped into that due to the set up, let alone their health situation.

One other big problem is that these children need to go to school and attain some formal education though they have very good training in sports. This needs fees and there’s no way the two young men have been able to raise this money. Thanks though to a few individuals who have funded one or two children recently. In a situation like this, hands need to be joined so that there’s some cure to such problems. We can join discussions about their developments here:

The good side of it though, is that these people are achievers. Looking at the bigger picture of the organization, they have about 350 children who are being coached into becoming serious sports people.3/4 of these are either orphans or street children. They have won so many cups both from within and without, and they are planning to visit Norway in July 2009, we pray for them to get the funds to get them there.

A big thank you to the people who have been helping them in one way or the other. I know there's is still a lot that needs to be addressed, but whenever there's will there's always a way.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A little light in the shadows

"This Way madam Grace", said Kabugo showing me a very tiny corridor which I thought was a door to somone's house and I had halted a bit, so he he knew what I was thinking and immediately I followed him.

Through the shadowy and very low roofed corridor, I was led by Mansoor Kabugo to yet another tiny outlet but this time with some little light. Kabugo and Kayiwa Fred are the ones who run the Kampala Junior team which engulfs many other activities, like the computer club, music, dance and drama and many others. These boys are a few of the very wonderful people I have ever met.

Today I only had Mansoor because Fred was out for his lectures. The corridor was so tiny that once in a while a running child would bump into us , but finally we came to our destination. This is home to twenty young boys in the age range of 8 to 13 years, being orphans or former street kids,solely catered for by these two young men.

In the small muddy room , I was welcomed by a lady, possibly the one who helps cook for the children, she then took leave after greeting me to give room for our discussion. After a while two of the boys came in, these seem not to have attended school today , because they were not in uniforms. They were introduced to me and they too like the lady, left the two of us alone.

The whole place look very pathetic. An office-come-sitting and bedroom. It's not really a big room to begin with, and it took me some time to get fully settled. A computer occupies the "sitting room" area and a chair or two very close to one another that you hardly find space to move freely. Separated by two wide curtains are what are meant to be the ' bedrooms" At one end, is the triple decor that supposedly nine boys are supposed to sleep on , three on each bed ! Then the other end has one large bed and Mansoor told me it was for him and three other boys. This makes 12 of them and I was wondering where the other 8 would sleep( because he had earlier on told me that they were 20 boys living with him) , then he told me that at night they remove whatever is in the "sitting room" and put down some mattresses for the rest.

Anyway this is Kisenyi, one of the most congested and dirty slums in the city center, thousands of crimes are reported daily here. But more surprisingly almost all local metal fabrications are also done here , interesting isn't it? It must have taken these young men lots of efforts to make something come out of here.

Soon you will read about what actually lives behind this shadowy corridor!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Renaisance

"Talk of the Devil and he's right here."

Many people might have been wondering WHAT and WHO Life In Africa is, and WHAT they are up to and WHY they are on and off. I am sure a lot must have been said about the unpredictable LIA.

This of course is obvious of any growing child. When a child is born, everyone would want to know their gender and what names they have been given. then there's a stage whereby they are kind of forgotten by the outside people save for the very close relatives , then sometimes when they do something bad or good that's when they begin talking about them again. But here anyway we have not done anything bad , we have been going through many stages of life and at times it has really been very slow that one would think we are no more. This in fact has been one of such moments , We were born and everyone heard about us, sometimes we were very sick , almost reaching dying point but of course we recovered. This time we are coming back in a very unique way.

To me I feel it's a rebirth of LIA and this time with a lot of many different ideas. I know we have been quiet for so long but now we are up and no more silence. The "metamorphosis" is over, a lot of lessons have been learned, we feel matured now and ready to walk on confidently!

After all our restructuring which began in Jan this year , Life in Africa now has three bodies. We have the Life in Africa Foundation who is the mother of all the others. Based in Uganda, it's the one that will be overseeing all activities of Life in Africa in Uganda. We have the Life in Africa USA based in the USA that is responsible for the Fund raising and where all our funds will be directed from which ever source , then for now the Life in Africa Kireka/ Kampala, a Community Based Organization which will be one of the beneficiaries around Africa, because many more are being looked at right now.

I will not forget to give our acknowledgment to our Dear Christina Jordan who is the master mind behind all these and until now she has been our silent adviser both for the foundation and the CBO. You can look at all the great work that she is doing here:

New Developements

Life in Africa Foundation will be identifying and doing some needs assessments to some similar NGOs/CBOs in Kampala and other parts of the country. This actually is ongoing right now and I will soon come up with details about them. Part of last week saw me visiting a few local organizations , it's just so interesting to have a chance of being part of all these.

Just keep watching this blog to see how some of the unknown unveils themselves.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our first step towards reducing POVERTY

"Poverty" as described in the dictionary, is a state of being poor, existing in very small amounts , scarcity and lack.

This seems to be a better situation though compared to the "below the poverty line" which most people in Africa are living in, and it's this and their cause that should be tackled first , so that everyone gets to the 'normal' Poverty situation then we can join hands to look at how to eradicate it.

Whether it's because of cultural background or ignorance, Africa has so much been left behind in terms of development and when people talk of poverty, it's Africa that is first on the list and maybe the likes of Asia, Latin America and so on, fall after. They must have been taking everything for granted and thought that their way of life was the best , because when you take for example one particular tribe in my country who feel that putting on clothes is bad enough, and have to be forced into it, then when will they look at any other good development as benefiting to them?

Well then when I look at Africa, most of its land is fertile and very good for any kind of agriculture , but they are the people who are going hungry and have to live on handouts, it puzzles me a lot. So I feel that the agricultural sector should be the most looked at area. lots and lots of food should be grown by a family to feed themselves and then the surplus sold . During this production period, the developed world may help with a few things like education for the children and other sectors like Micro finance and maybe markets for their production and others, because with more and more free things, people get lazy to work hard enough to sustain themselves, lets look at hoes and other agricultural tools to supply and sensitize people on the benefits of their hard work.

With Children as the beginning of life for everyone, more attention should be paid into their education and welfare, because it's them who will come up already knowing what has to be done to eradicate poverty, since they will have gone through better education, and have technical and social knowledge of how things can be done. The adults too can go through some adult literacy programs so that they are sensitized on how they can work hard themselves to elevate poverty. Thus having everyone on the globe go through some kind of learning or EDUCATION for that matter, will be a very big step forward. If some kind of Global campaign for something like EDUCATION FOR ALL or LET'S GET EVERY CHILD EDUCATED, could be set, then this could possibly be one way forward.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Mothering : Is this really the same everywhere ?

Children seem to be and is indeed the joy of every mom in the whole universe, the only thing that may differ is the way children are handled in different parts of the world. In some parts of the world and more so in the developed ones, a lot of care is taken that children are never left alone while in my world, a child as old as 4 years is left with her baby sibling strapped on her back while mom is doing her gardening work sometimes a mile a way from home. The "babysitter" will remain with the baby on her back for as long as she is asleep, then when she wakes up, she has to follow the mom for the baby to get fed. Though a lot do happen during this time of moms absence, not so much attention has been paid to this kind of set up. Sometime the babies fall very badly in the process of unstrapping it from the back cause the baby sitter is tired and wants some relieve , sometimes they get burnt because she is trying to cook something or just playing with fire and there's no one to stop her. Well looking at all these mishaps, I really admire the way the more developed world treat their young ones, a child is a real child until after 18 years , while here we feel that children need to be trained early to fend for themselves in future since sometime at the age of 13 they cease to be children and are already mothers or fathers themselves. This I think is traumatizing and wish there was some kind of force that would change this immediately.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ididn't know: laura bush killing a man in texas,

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I didn't know that almost everyone attached to the White House has to have some kind of background, if you look at laura bush killing a man in texas, this is not very far from the would be new president MCain's background of having done this and that and all the mess created by the two Bushes. Hope the next time America will have some cleaner people in their top chair. I didn't also know that many more deadly disease whose origins and cure are never known would become so rampant like it'is now, when you look at stills disease, ischemia, and to name a few more like Ebola, AIDS, Hepatitis and many others, will there be any proper prevention and cure for such diseases ?

Friday, September 26, 2008

I WONDER :xbox live update september 29, stock market crash 1929

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I WONDER if the 29th day has some kind of bad omen or is attached to some misfortune, look at what is taking place xbox live update september 29, stock market crash 1929, and this bailout rejected . As for the stock market issue, looks like the great depression is where we are heading to again. This is sending really very bad signal to the world. This is so ridiculous, I really wonder if it was also a Bush family regime in 1929? If so , then we need to be very careful the next time a person from the Bush family is standing for any election, seems they have a recurring unlucky events during their time of rule. Look at what happened during his father's rule in Iraq and Kuwait,( the desert storm operation) and now the unending wars here and there and then the stock market thing during the son's rule. Well care needs to be taken here !

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ididn't know : phalloplasty, model behavior,four brothers

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I really didn't know that people could go to this extend , phalloplasty, model behavior, to achieve what they think was meant for them and by mistake not given . why really can't we appreciate what nature has bestowed unto us, isn't this undermining who/whatever has tried their best to make us what we are? I didn't also know that a family can give up a whole set of sons like the one in the four brothers, to join just the navy and no other carrier at all. Well it's nice and fun to talk about it, but here where I live it sounds very scary , because should something go wrong somewhere, you would have lost all of them, we never always hope for the worse though, good luck boys !

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I wONDER : abby and brittany hensel, conjoined twins,

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I wonder if these are scientific problems abby and brittany hensel, conjoined twins, I do believe that they can be natural happenings / god's creation or it just came to be, but for scientists , they have their own ways of thinking. It could be a metabolic action or an evolution,if not an atomic problem, there goes the list, whatever they all mean, I am yet to understand. While an ordinary person like me would just think it was a misshape or rather among my tribes mates, it would be some spiritual being responsible for it and would have some special name given to them and they are never to be provoked lest the spirits also become angry . I also Wonder how a problem like this munchausen syndrome, can be explained . It also makes me wonder how this then becomes a sickness when it's being faked, this is when I begin thinking that am so left behind in all these scientific explanations of everything. I wish we all have simple ideas and maybe we would not be having the nuclear problems or even thoughts of terrorisms,

Monday, September 15, 2008

COMMON THREAD: stock market crash, washington mutual bankruptcy,wamu bankrupt

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COMMON THREAD stock market crash, washington mutual bankruptcy, wamu bankrupt , if this is happening in such big companies in very a developed world like America, how about we who are just developing and relying on funds from the more developed. In a common thread like this, how can a country think of helping another when they themselves are in a crisis. Do pray for us , because it can turn out to be fatal for my country, since our dependency on foreign aid is increasing by day.

I WONDER: 500 internal server error, youtube down,

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I wonder if the computer era is also coming to an end like everything else in the world. 500 internal server error, youtube down, We are experiencing a lot of natural disasters right now , this makes me wonder if it's part of the situation.Yet thousands of people are still struggling to be part of this technology, how to get the old facebook back . Many have failed to get back to their old facebook , and this could mean information lost for them.

It's all very confusing when you look at bonjour for windows. I wonder why lots of other new things are being developed yet we are losing old ones which could maybe made better. Well, all these I know are well meaning , but for us who are just getting into the system, it gets more confusing when today you are introduced into something new and the next day it's down and you cant even trace your way back .

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I didnt know: brennan s restaurant, how do you make cupcakes, pet food recall,

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I dint know: brennan s restaurant,that this kind of place was existing until this mis fortune of the fire outbreak!for such a legendary place fire fighters could have come in early enough to save at least part of it, this being in a more developed world. Because in my country even the next house could have been burnt down. I didn't know there were many ways to this, how do you make cupcakes,I have done some bakery for quite some time now but I have tried just two of the very common ones. These are just fabulous. Just look at this! pet food recall, here where I live, we strictly feed our dogs on natural food which normally is leftovers and there is always no worries of such things. I feel we should just go natural once again.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I WONDER: happy housewives club

Digg 1: Fannie mae freddie mac interest rates, women in red racers

Digg 2 :Large Hadron Collider comes online, world fails to end

I wonder if this world is really going to survive any longer, look at what is going on in the planet,
Large Hadron Collider comes online, world fails to end,

I wonder if happy housewives club, would be good news for work at home moms. I also wonder if what natalie cole, has any similarity with what right now is killing hundreds of people in my country. Here it's said to be Hepatitis B. I wish there was a cure , because it has taken so many lives.

This club a steakhouse , is sounding very interesting, I wonder if all of us could meet up there over the coming wekend.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Talk2Me: hurricane carla, japan earthquake, hurricane ike evacuations

Digg 1 : MYOWNWAY: tropical storm hanna, dive in underwear

Digg 2 : Could a spy satellite identify any of us from our shadow?

Talk2me , Could a spy satellite identify any of us from our shadow?,
and if this was so how could elizabeth smart,end up like this?.

Please also talk2 me about all these calamities,hurricane carla, japan earthquake, hurricane ike evacuations.
Are we heading towards the so much talked about end times ? Am I just behind the world that I have not been hearing about all these, during the time I was just growing up. Can somebody talk2me about how it has been before? am I just being crazy thinking about a new world coming soon when we are wiped out or rather the old world is wiped out . Talk2 me if you have an idea that the wars and famine in my part of the world are also part of this plan of wiping all the old creation, for these have done so much harm to the people living there.

Also Talk2Me if this greatest american dog winner
would not be the kind of life we all wish to have other than all the pains above.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I DIDN'T KNOW: In a More Diverse America, the GOP Convention Mostly White

digg 1: I WONDER: bristol palin drinking, sarah palin legs, secessio

digg 2: In a More Diverse America, the GOP Convention Mostly White

I DIDN'T KNOW that In a More Diverse America, the GOP Convention Mostly White
How then would Obama stand any chance of winning in such a situation, where whites dominate in everything. I wish he could step down and let the white rule.

IDIDN'T KNOW that things could turn this sour obama o reilly, protesters at rnc ,
oreilly factor

Yet I have always been made to believe that in a more civilized part of the world like this, there are no such things. In my part of the world, everything is so uncoordinated that thousands would have died in this kind of situation.

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I DIDN'T KNOW: ourwwworld pilot game sample play

Your Post Title: I DIDN'T KNOW: matsunichi photoblitz 7” digital picture frame

Digg 1: PREGAME: longevinex resveratrol supplements - why not just drink more
Digg 2: Lights out? Experts fear fireflies are dwindling

I DIDN'T KNOW about the matsunichi photoblitz 7” digital picture frame, so I decided to look it up. Google trends shows picture frame, matsunichi photoblitz 7”, photo frames, burlington coat factory, burlington mall as related searches.

A blog post I found called
Matsunichi Photoblitz 7Digital Picture Frame says it's a 7 “16:9 Digital Picture Frame with which you show your digital photos. Supports MS / MSPro / SD / MMC / XD media cards. The blogger's experience seems to have been good, and he also lists all the features in the post.

Another blog post I found on "do mexicans use ebay" is called Great Prices On Matsunichi Photoblitz 7 Digital Picture Frame .. and swears that they are selling like hotcakes on ebay.

Reading more about it I learned that you can load up to 128MB of photos into the photo frame and it will run a continuous slide show. You plug it in.

Way cool!

about the ourwwworld game

ayaaswwworld is a player blog in a virtual poker-like wordgame that plays on the current google top 100 search trends. A small global group of good citizens are piloting the ourwwworld game to share the game's ad revenues with their favorite cause. For more detailed information about the ourwwworld pilot game, visit