Thursday, September 18, 2008

I wONDER : abby and brittany hensel, conjoined twins,

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I wonder if these are scientific problems abby and brittany hensel, conjoined twins, I do believe that they can be natural happenings / god's creation or it just came to be, but for scientists , they have their own ways of thinking. It could be a metabolic action or an evolution,if not an atomic problem, there goes the list, whatever they all mean, I am yet to understand. While an ordinary person like me would just think it was a misshape or rather among my tribes mates, it would be some spiritual being responsible for it and would have some special name given to them and they are never to be provoked lest the spirits also become angry . I also Wonder how a problem like this munchausen syndrome, can be explained . It also makes me wonder how this then becomes a sickness when it's being faked, this is when I begin thinking that am so left behind in all these scientific explanations of everything. I wish we all have simple ideas and maybe we would not be having the nuclear problems or even thoughts of terrorisms,

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