Friday, September 26, 2008

I WONDER :xbox live update september 29, stock market crash 1929

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I WONDER if the 29th day has some kind of bad omen or is attached to some misfortune, look at what is taking place xbox live update september 29, stock market crash 1929, and this bailout rejected . As for the stock market issue, looks like the great depression is where we are heading to again. This is sending really very bad signal to the world. This is so ridiculous, I really wonder if it was also a Bush family regime in 1929? If so , then we need to be very careful the next time a person from the Bush family is standing for any election, seems they have a recurring unlucky events during their time of rule. Look at what happened during his father's rule in Iraq and Kuwait,( the desert storm operation) and now the unending wars here and there and then the stock market thing during the son's rule. Well care needs to be taken here !

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