Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our first step towards reducing POVERTY

"Poverty" as described in the dictionary, is a state of being poor, existing in very small amounts , scarcity and lack.

This seems to be a better situation though compared to the "below the poverty line" which most people in Africa are living in, and it's this and their cause that should be tackled first , so that everyone gets to the 'normal' Poverty situation then we can join hands to look at how to eradicate it.

Whether it's because of cultural background or ignorance, Africa has so much been left behind in terms of development and when people talk of poverty, it's Africa that is first on the list and maybe the likes of Asia, Latin America and so on, fall after. They must have been taking everything for granted and thought that their way of life was the best , because when you take for example one particular tribe in my country who feel that putting on clothes is bad enough, and have to be forced into it, then when will they look at any other good development as benefiting to them?

Well then when I look at Africa, most of its land is fertile and very good for any kind of agriculture , but they are the people who are going hungry and have to live on handouts, it puzzles me a lot. So I feel that the agricultural sector should be the most looked at area. lots and lots of food should be grown by a family to feed themselves and then the surplus sold . During this production period, the developed world may help with a few things like education for the children and other sectors like Micro finance and maybe markets for their production and others, because with more and more free things, people get lazy to work hard enough to sustain themselves, lets look at hoes and other agricultural tools to supply and sensitize people on the benefits of their hard work.

With Children as the beginning of life for everyone, more attention should be paid into their education and welfare, because it's them who will come up already knowing what has to be done to eradicate poverty, since they will have gone through better education, and have technical and social knowledge of how things can be done. The adults too can go through some adult literacy programs so that they are sensitized on how they can work hard themselves to elevate poverty. Thus having everyone on the globe go through some kind of learning or EDUCATION for that matter, will be a very big step forward. If some kind of Global campaign for something like EDUCATION FOR ALL or LET'S GET EVERY CHILD EDUCATED, could be set, then this could possibly be one way forward.

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c-walk said...

i agree with my sister when she talks about the issue of agriculture.

the world has been endowed equally in terms of natural recourses Africa inclusive.

the country i come from is entirely gifted in the area of a natural vegetation, but negligence of theses natural resources has contributed to an increase to poverty statistics.

whereas the back born of this country is agriculture, poor government policies hinder proper measures to establish a firm foundation for agricultural activities.

of late the situation is more tense as the rate of rural to urban migration increases every the other day.

with the gospel of industrialisms, poor minded Africans abandon the natural grounds to cities.

what happens in the cities... God forbid.

crime rate, disease to mention few, infest the so called bread winners of the families left behind and on and on...

with this confusion one can never stop wondering what befell this continent , poor polices for Africa... or what ?

i think its time for Africans to think positive , as if its not enough, there comes this other "guy" corruption in form of capitalism...

well be blessed for your contribution sister.