Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ididn't know: laura bush killing a man in texas,

Digg 1 : Religion: Why do People Really Believe in God?

Digg 2 :Talk2Me: paul newman cancer updat

I didn't know that almost everyone attached to the White House has to have some kind of background, if you look at laura bush killing a man in texas, this is not very far from the would be new president MCain's background of having done this and that and all the mess created by the two Bushes. Hope the next time America will have some cleaner people in their top chair. I didn't also know that many more deadly disease whose origins and cure are never known would become so rampant like it'is now, when you look at stills disease, ischemia, and to name a few more like Ebola, AIDS, Hepatitis and many others, will there be any proper prevention and cure for such diseases ?

Friday, September 26, 2008

I WONDER :xbox live update september 29, stock market crash 1929

Digg 1: I DIDN'T KNOW: ephelides, mabon

Digg 2 : Bamboo Bike Maker Grows His Frames, Bonsai Style

I WONDER if the 29th day has some kind of bad omen or is attached to some misfortune, look at what is taking place xbox live update september 29, stock market crash 1929, and this bailout rejected . As for the stock market issue, looks like the great depression is where we are heading to again. This is sending really very bad signal to the world. This is so ridiculous, I really wonder if it was also a Bush family regime in 1929? If so , then we need to be very careful the next time a person from the Bush family is standing for any election, seems they have a recurring unlucky events during their time of rule. Look at what happened during his father's rule in Iraq and Kuwait,( the desert storm operation) and now the unending wars here and there and then the stock market thing during the son's rule. Well care needs to be taken here !

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ididn't know : phalloplasty, model behavior,four brothers

Digg 1: I WONDER: when in the course of human events; declaration of

Digg 2 : The push to "Otherize" Obama (Nicholas Kristof)

I really didn't know that people could go to this extend , phalloplasty, model behavior, to achieve what they think was meant for them and by mistake not given . why really can't we appreciate what nature has bestowed unto us, isn't this undermining who/whatever has tried their best to make us what we are? I didn't also know that a family can give up a whole set of sons like the one in the four brothers, to join just the navy and no other carrier at all. Well it's nice and fun to talk about it, but here where I live it sounds very scary , because should something go wrong somewhere, you would have lost all of them, we never always hope for the worse though, good luck boys !

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I wONDER : abby and brittany hensel, conjoined twins,

Digg 1 : I did'nt know: facebook down,without a trace

Digg 2 : How to Be Outstanding

I wonder if these are scientific problems abby and brittany hensel, conjoined twins, I do believe that they can be natural happenings / god's creation or it just came to be, but for scientists , they have their own ways of thinking. It could be a metabolic action or an evolution,if not an atomic problem, there goes the list, whatever they all mean, I am yet to understand. While an ordinary person like me would just think it was a misshape or rather among my tribes mates, it would be some spiritual being responsible for it and would have some special name given to them and they are never to be provoked lest the spirits also become angry . I also Wonder how a problem like this munchausen syndrome, can be explained . It also makes me wonder how this then becomes a sickness when it's being faked, this is when I begin thinking that am so left behind in all these scientific explanations of everything. I wish we all have simple ideas and maybe we would not be having the nuclear problems or even thoughts of terrorisms,

Monday, September 15, 2008

COMMON THREAD: stock market crash, washington mutual bankruptcy,wamu bankrupt

Digg 1: I wonder: michaels crafts,trailor park boys,

Digg 2: McCain Lie Counter

COMMON THREAD stock market crash, washington mutual bankruptcy, wamu bankrupt , if this is happening in such big companies in very a developed world like America, how about we who are just developing and relying on funds from the more developed. In a common thread like this, how can a country think of helping another when they themselves are in a crisis. Do pray for us , because it can turn out to be fatal for my country, since our dependency on foreign aid is increasing by day.

I WONDER: 500 internal server error, youtube down,

Digg 1 :MY OWN WAY: the day the earth stood still, another universe,

Digg 2 : Drugs Found in the Tennessee River

I wonder if the computer era is also coming to an end like everything else in the world. 500 internal server error, youtube down, We are experiencing a lot of natural disasters right now , this makes me wonder if it's part of the situation.Yet thousands of people are still struggling to be part of this technology, how to get the old facebook back . Many have failed to get back to their old facebook , and this could mean information lost for them.

It's all very confusing when you look at bonjour for windows. I wonder why lots of other new things are being developed yet we are losing old ones which could maybe made better. Well, all these I know are well meaning , but for us who are just getting into the system, it gets more confusing when today you are introduced into something new and the next day it's down and you cant even trace your way back .

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I didnt know: brennan s restaurant, how do you make cupcakes, pet food recall,

Digg 1: Big Media: Just Say No! We've had Enough Lies & Distractions

Digg 2: TALK2ME: tax policy center, fannie mae and freddie mac

I dint know: brennan s restaurant,that this kind of place was existing until this mis fortune of the fire outbreak!for such a legendary place fire fighters could have come in early enough to save at least part of it, this being in a more developed world. Because in my country even the next house could have been burnt down. I didn't know there were many ways to this, how do you make cupcakes,I have done some bakery for quite some time now but I have tried just two of the very common ones. These are just fabulous. Just look at this! pet food recall, here where I live, we strictly feed our dogs on natural food which normally is leftovers and there is always no worries of such things. I feel we should just go natural once again.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I WONDER: happy housewives club

Digg 1: Fannie mae freddie mac interest rates, women in red racers

Digg 2 :Large Hadron Collider comes online, world fails to end

I wonder if this world is really going to survive any longer, look at what is going on in the planet,
Large Hadron Collider comes online, world fails to end,

I wonder if happy housewives club, would be good news for work at home moms. I also wonder if what natalie cole, has any similarity with what right now is killing hundreds of people in my country. Here it's said to be Hepatitis B. I wish there was a cure , because it has taken so many lives.

This club a steakhouse , is sounding very interesting, I wonder if all of us could meet up there over the coming wekend.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Talk2Me: hurricane carla, japan earthquake, hurricane ike evacuations

Digg 1 : MYOWNWAY: tropical storm hanna, dive in underwear

Digg 2 : Could a spy satellite identify any of us from our shadow?

Talk2me , Could a spy satellite identify any of us from our shadow?,
and if this was so how could elizabeth smart,end up like this?.

Please also talk2 me about all these calamities,hurricane carla, japan earthquake, hurricane ike evacuations.
Are we heading towards the so much talked about end times ? Am I just behind the world that I have not been hearing about all these, during the time I was just growing up. Can somebody talk2me about how it has been before? am I just being crazy thinking about a new world coming soon when we are wiped out or rather the old world is wiped out . Talk2 me if you have an idea that the wars and famine in my part of the world are also part of this plan of wiping all the old creation, for these have done so much harm to the people living there.

Also Talk2Me if this greatest american dog winner
would not be the kind of life we all wish to have other than all the pains above.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I DIDN'T KNOW: In a More Diverse America, the GOP Convention Mostly White

digg 1: I WONDER: bristol palin drinking, sarah palin legs, secessio

digg 2: In a More Diverse America, the GOP Convention Mostly White

I DIDN'T KNOW that In a More Diverse America, the GOP Convention Mostly White
How then would Obama stand any chance of winning in such a situation, where whites dominate in everything. I wish he could step down and let the white rule.

IDIDN'T KNOW that things could turn this sour obama o reilly, protesters at rnc ,
oreilly factor

Yet I have always been made to believe that in a more civilized part of the world like this, there are no such things. In my part of the world, everything is so uncoordinated that thousands would have died in this kind of situation.

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