Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Renaisance

"Talk of the Devil and he's right here."

Many people might have been wondering WHAT and WHO Life In Africa is, and WHAT they are up to and WHY they are on and off. I am sure a lot must have been said about the unpredictable LIA.

This of course is obvious of any growing child. When a child is born, everyone would want to know their gender and what names they have been given. then there's a stage whereby they are kind of forgotten by the outside people save for the very close relatives , then sometimes when they do something bad or good that's when they begin talking about them again. But here anyway we have not done anything bad , we have been going through many stages of life and at times it has really been very slow that one would think we are no more. This in fact has been one of such moments , We were born and everyone heard about us, sometimes we were very sick , almost reaching dying point but of course we recovered. This time we are coming back in a very unique way.

To me I feel it's a rebirth of LIA and this time with a lot of many different ideas. I know we have been quiet for so long but now we are up and no more silence. The "metamorphosis" is over, a lot of lessons have been learned, we feel matured now and ready to walk on confidently!

After all our restructuring which began in Jan this year , Life in Africa now has three bodies. We have the Life in Africa Foundation who is the mother of all the others. Based in Uganda, it's the one that will be overseeing all activities of Life in Africa in Uganda. We have the Life in Africa USA based in the USA that is responsible for the Fund raising and where all our funds will be directed from which ever source , then for now the Life in Africa Kireka/ Kampala, a Community Based Organization which will be one of the beneficiaries around Africa, because many more are being looked at right now.

I will not forget to give our acknowledgment to our Dear Christina Jordan who is the master mind behind all these and until now she has been our silent adviser both for the foundation and the CBO. You can look at all the great work that she is doing here: http://christinaswwworld.blogspot.com/

New Developements

Life in Africa Foundation will be identifying and doing some needs assessments to some similar NGOs/CBOs in Kampala and other parts of the country. This actually is ongoing right now and I will soon come up with details about them. Part of last week saw me visiting a few local organizations , it's just so interesting to have a chance of being part of all these.

Just keep watching this blog to see how some of the unknown unveils themselves.

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