Thursday, September 4, 2008

I DIDN'T KNOW: In a More Diverse America, the GOP Convention Mostly White

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digg 2: In a More Diverse America, the GOP Convention Mostly White

I DIDN'T KNOW that In a More Diverse America, the GOP Convention Mostly White
How then would Obama stand any chance of winning in such a situation, where whites dominate in everything. I wish he could step down and let the white rule.

IDIDN'T KNOW that things could turn this sour obama o reilly, protesters at rnc ,
oreilly factor

Yet I have always been made to believe that in a more civilized part of the world like this, there are no such things. In my part of the world, everything is so uncoordinated that thousands would have died in this kind of situation.

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Hi Grace - this is a good first try. Next time, don't submit your post to digg with the name of another post at digg. Your post title should include some of the terms you find at the google hot trends page that relate to words in the text you wrote, like so:

I DIDN'T KNOW: mccain speech,mccain votes against vets, cindy mccain plastic surgery,

Also, it's not useful to copy and paste ALL of the google trends into your post. The idea of the game is to pick SOME words from that list of 100, and USE THEM in sentences in your blog post. The diggs you paste in are a separate thing from the content of your text.