Monday, September 15, 2008

I WONDER: 500 internal server error, youtube down,

Digg 1 :MY OWN WAY: the day the earth stood still, another universe,

Digg 2 : Drugs Found in the Tennessee River

I wonder if the computer era is also coming to an end like everything else in the world. 500 internal server error, youtube down, We are experiencing a lot of natural disasters right now , this makes me wonder if it's part of the situation.Yet thousands of people are still struggling to be part of this technology, how to get the old facebook back . Many have failed to get back to their old facebook , and this could mean information lost for them.

It's all very confusing when you look at bonjour for windows. I wonder why lots of other new things are being developed yet we are losing old ones which could maybe made better. Well, all these I know are well meaning , but for us who are just getting into the system, it gets more confusing when today you are introduced into something new and the next day it's down and you cant even trace your way back .

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