Saturday, September 13, 2008

I didnt know: brennan s restaurant, how do you make cupcakes, pet food recall,

Digg 1: Big Media: Just Say No! We've had Enough Lies & Distractions

Digg 2: TALK2ME: tax policy center, fannie mae and freddie mac

I dint know: brennan s restaurant,that this kind of place was existing until this mis fortune of the fire outbreak!for such a legendary place fire fighters could have come in early enough to save at least part of it, this being in a more developed world. Because in my country even the next house could have been burnt down. I didn't know there were many ways to this, how do you make cupcakes,I have done some bakery for quite some time now but I have tried just two of the very common ones. These are just fabulous. Just look at this! pet food recall, here where I live, we strictly feed our dogs on natural food which normally is leftovers and there is always no worries of such things. I feel we should just go natural once again.

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