Friday, October 31, 2008

The great Fundraising

Sometimes what one thinks is fun can turn out to be very productive.
Last weekend was surely a great day for us , the Acholi community in Kampala and those from abroad who were here on holidays or for some kind business. I have heard a lot over the years about this function that every once a month there's such a gathering , but never bothered. This time a friend thought I should be pulled , because he thought it's kind of related to my field of work.

Over five hundred people or more could be seen already dancing or slowly sipping their beers, when I came in. This occasion was organized by a Canadian NGO called CPAR(Canadian Physicians Aids), it was in conjunction with one of the telecommunications companies Warid). More than 20 local musicians from the North performed and that was great , It was promoting their talents and fund raising at the same time. CPAR is trying to raise fund to resettle the people of Acholiland who have for the past fifteen years or so been living in the camps . This was so interesting, with very many Canadians I supposed so. You can see a Mzungu here and there trying to make every bit of the day interesting. All the local dishes from northern Uganda was available and many traditional dances were performed at least to the satisfaction of everyone present.

This, I am sure fetched a very good sum of money for the organizers, and I strongly feel that more of such functions can help bring change to our communities, what seems difficult here is the organization, I really wish all like minded people could come up and set up such functions. There are surely many wealthy people from this war torn area but can never take any initiative. I have seen that when they are invited for such things, they all come and with lots of enthusiasm for for such things , this could become a very strong fund raising tool for people who are trying to help bring change in Africa . I have mentioned Africa here because it's really them who are still a bit behind with the idea of giving to others, but they love their culture very much and would do anything to get closer to it. So this could be a very good bait for our tycoons.

I just enjoyed every moment of the function and I was left yearning for the next one.


Child of God said...

hi,i read your blog,i was born in kenya myself,my sis is in uganda,so i am glad you have such a blog

grcayaa said...

Nice meeting you here, I have also started following yours.