Thursday, September 11, 2008

I WONDER: happy housewives club

Digg 1: Fannie mae freddie mac interest rates, women in red racers

Digg 2 :Large Hadron Collider comes online, world fails to end

I wonder if this world is really going to survive any longer, look at what is going on in the planet,
Large Hadron Collider comes online, world fails to end,

I wonder if happy housewives club, would be good news for work at home moms. I also wonder if what natalie cole, has any similarity with what right now is killing hundreds of people in my country. Here it's said to be Hepatitis B. I wish there was a cure , because it has taken so many lives.

This club a steakhouse , is sounding very interesting, I wonder if all of us could meet up there over the coming wekend.

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