Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ididn't know: laura bush killing a man in texas,

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I didn't know that almost everyone attached to the White House has to have some kind of background, if you look at laura bush killing a man in texas, this is not very far from the would be new president MCain's background of having done this and that and all the mess created by the two Bushes. Hope the next time America will have some cleaner people in their top chair. I didn't also know that many more deadly disease whose origins and cure are never known would become so rampant like it'is now, when you look at stills disease, ischemia, and to name a few more like Ebola, AIDS, Hepatitis and many others, will there be any proper prevention and cure for such diseases ?


John Powers said...

Being a famous person is really hard. I would not want to be famous. Some people might want to make the auto accident that Laura Bush was involved in something deliberate. I find that hard to believe.

I was interested in your question about disease partly because I read Christina's post about herbal remedies. Not all traditional remedies are effective, but some of them are good. It's a good thing not to loose local knowledge about useful plants.

Anonymous said...

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