Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ididn't know : phalloplasty, model behavior,four brothers

Digg 1: I WONDER: when in the course of human events; declaration of

Digg 2 : The push to "Otherize" Obama (Nicholas Kristof)

I really didn't know that people could go to this extend , phalloplasty, model behavior, to achieve what they think was meant for them and by mistake not given . why really can't we appreciate what nature has bestowed unto us, isn't this undermining who/whatever has tried their best to make us what we are? I didn't also know that a family can give up a whole set of sons like the one in the four brothers, to join just the navy and no other carrier at all. Well it's nice and fun to talk about it, but here where I live it sounds very scary , because should something go wrong somewhere, you would have lost all of them, we never always hope for the worse though, good luck boys !

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