Monday, October 27, 2008


After another tour of the town last week, I still feel that nothing was more interesting than my little tunnel at Kisenyi. I would have taken time off to say a little about the other places that I visited, but I have a temptation to give my full account of the plight at the Kisenyi house, lest I forget some very important information.

In my previous post, I described how tiny the room was, this was my greatest concern because I cannot imagine 21 souls living in such a congested place, with almost no ventilation at all, without contracting any contiguous sickness. What if there was a malaria attack, then obviously the whole house will be sick, and talk about the treatment cost; you begin wondering where this money will come from, try and give it a guess!

As we already know, this place is runned by the two young men, Fred kayiwa and Mansoor kabugo. Fred is a University student, with a lot of needs for himself and one wonders where they get what to feed these children. Mansoor told me that, the children are very understanding, because when they are told there was no food for that day they just go to bed. He feels happy though that when their fees is paid in full, they are able to eat their lunch at school, but this is yet another story, because two boys who should have done their Primary leaving Exams in a week’s time , are not going to do it because they never paid the school dues and exams fee. Now they have to do the same class again next year yet this would have taken them to another level (secondary).So there’s serious need for them to deal with these two very urgent issues. There’s this pressing one which is feeding, I feel that they really need a very big hand to help them achieve this. These boys to begin with were mainly from the streets and I have fear that when they do not have what to eat, they may go back to the streets and this may pose a bigger problem., then the accommodation issue, this too is an urgent need to be addressed, because this type of set up can cause so many dangers to these youths, they have lived in the streets and know a lot, there's is a lot of immorality these days and they can easily be strapped into that due to the set up, let alone their health situation.

One other big problem is that these children need to go to school and attain some formal education though they have very good training in sports. This needs fees and there’s no way the two young men have been able to raise this money. Thanks though to a few individuals who have funded one or two children recently. In a situation like this, hands need to be joined so that there’s some cure to such problems. We can join discussions about their developments here:

The good side of it though, is that these people are achievers. Looking at the bigger picture of the organization, they have about 350 children who are being coached into becoming serious sports people.3/4 of these are either orphans or street children. They have won so many cups both from within and without, and they are planning to visit Norway in July 2009, we pray for them to get the funds to get them there.

A big thank you to the people who have been helping them in one way or the other. I know there's is still a lot that needs to be addressed, but whenever there's will there's always a way.

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