Sunday, February 1, 2009

Child Aid Uganda

Last week I visited Lyantonde , about 200 kms away from Kampala on Mbarara road.I traveled in a Mbarara bound bus.I had initially underestimated the journey.I thought it was just some few miles after Masaka, but the journey turned out to be a very long one.After Masaka, I kept peeping through the window for fear of passing my destination, since It was my second time traveling along that road and was hard to locate places on the way.I got a bit uncertain and had to talk to the driver because I was sitting right behind him and he told me we were still very far away , and now that he had known that I was getting out at Lyantonde,he was just going to stop when we were there. as i said before , with my underestimation, I thought it was something like two hours ,but it ended up being 4 hours.

I reached the town at around 4pm and was picked up by Lauben , the project coordinator on his motor was just some three minutes from the town center.The place was well organized and from my look, they might have prepared to receive me , because I had communicated a day or two before that I would be visiting.There was the Chaiperson, the coordinator , the accountant and one other staff, and I was told a few other staffs were in the field.

Lauben gave a very long detailed presentation of what they were doing and which areas at the end , a copy was given to me to come back with. Looking at the setup and the organizational approach , I got convinced at once that they truly were working so hard and have done a lot already.

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