Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bye- bye 2008

It all went very fast and now it's 2009. For me it was all a jumble of things , I had initially planned to travel to the village for Xmas, but was not feeling very well that week.The week before that , I had visited Amasiko people in kabale and had some great fun there. I had Xmas in Kampala with part of the family while some of the elder children where already in the village.This time while I was resting, I also took sometime doing paper beads with the big girls who have made it part of what they do when they are at home for holidays.

I then travelled to Kitgum for New years day. It was fun though I still wasn't feeling very well. I visited a few relatives who are still living in the camps , some 20 kms away from town towards the Sudan border, it was abit quiet this time though in early December everybody thought that the rebels were trecking their way towards Acholiland again after failing to sign the Peace Agreement in the DRC. We really all dread that day when they will enter into Uganda again.

Well it's time for work again, new year with new beginnings. We shall very soon begin our very new program for the We Network members who will have been visited and verified.So keep watching out for details here and on our discussion board on ned here: and also at our transformed website: where we shall from time to time be updating what's new on this particular program.
Till then, Prosperous 2009 to all!

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